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Sell your Digital Art commercially on Five Tiger

Picture South Africa


Each year we select artists to join Five Tiger and entries are now open!


Five Tiger is a community of digital artists who make work for the love of it.

Making your personal projects available on Five Tiger means that the work you've already made, or dream of making, can now generate a passive income instead of sitting on your hard drives in your top drawer, never to be enjoyed by anyone ever again.

Your personal projects are prized digital assets, and like all assets, they should bring you a return.

We promote and manage the licensing of digitla assets like photography, video, illustration and graphic design. People need strong visuals for everything from advertising and marketing campaigns to blog and social media posts, book covers, brochures, website design, merchandise and more.

It's safe. And although making art is never easy, we make selling it, easier.

So get your work out there! Make some moola! Go on holiday!


Here’s a few things you might want to know about selling your art on Five Tiger:


  • On Five Tiger you retain your copyright. Buyers are paying for the right to use your work, so unless they pay you for a total buyout, your work always belongs to you. 
  • Buyers must agree to our strong legal agreements when they checkout, so you are protected when they license your work.
  • Our prices are structured to facilitate regular sales while retaining the value of your craft.
  • It’s fast and convenient for buyers to license your visuals on Five Tiger now by selecting extended licenses and exclusivity periods from a simple drop down. No emails, no phone calls, just select, pay and download.
  • It may be difficult to get your work onto Five Tiger, but when you do, you’ll be proud to be amongst like-minded, driven artists.
  • Our collections are exclusive to Five Tiger.
  • We trend watch and share inspiration and industry insights on our blog and newsletters. 
  • We host events to facilitate collaborations with stylists and models.
  • We mentor. Only a phone call away, we happily share our ancient wisdom of the industry. Actually, drop in to our photographic studio in Cape Town and meet us.


What do we look for in Digital Artists?


Hard work. Because we're artists too, we know how much time and effort to takes to craft something beautiful. We love artists who really throw them selves into their ideas and make them happen.

Brave, nuanced passion projects with a voice and soul.

It is important to us to offer fresh content daily, so we like to work with ambitious artists, who deliver strong work consistently.



What does Five Tiger for you earn 50% commission of sales?


  • We actively market your work while you sleep, and keep a day job.
  • We got your back. Our legals are tight. Which make it possible to sell your artwork online safely.
  • Our 50% commision rate is above the industry standard, which is typically between 10% - 40%. 
  • We are a niche agency and review our community annually, to best support our committed artists.
  • We offer customer support, troubleshoot and negotiate transactions on you behalfr.
  • We’re there for you. We work closely with our artists, provide industry insights, direction, inspiration and feedback. 
  • We’re artist-owned, and artist-run, so we understand the value of your skills.
  • We know people.



Exclusivity explained


When visuals are available ‘exclusively’, it means you can't buy them anywhere else. This gives you more control in knowing when and how your images, or videos, are sold and used.

Our clients often want to licence visuals which they wouldn’t want a competitor to licence at the same time. They will pay for this privilege by purchasing an ‘exclusivity period’ in order to have the image made unavailable to other buyers for defined period e.g. 6 months, 1 year etc .

We offer exclusive collections because we want to remain niche and bespoke. Clients value this when they battle with other cluttered resources. It also allows us to offer a higher quality product.

You can however still use the images you sell on Five Tiger to promote yourself on you personal website and social media platforms.






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